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The Wartime Memories Project is a non-profit organisation, a constituted group run by volunteers.

The costs of this website, our displays and educational activities are funded by donations, grants and from the pockets of our members.

The aims of The Wartime Memories Project are to collect and preserve recollections, documents, photographs and small artifacts from the two World Wars, to ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to learn first hand from the accounts of those who lived through the conflicts.

The recordings made by our volunteers and sent to the project by others are preserved in digital form, copies are made to ensure thier future survival. As technology changes the recordings will be copied to new formats so that they will still be accessible.

In addition, we collect copies of photographs and documents. We also hold some origionals. If you have any unwanted photographs, documents or items, please do not destroy them. The Wartime Memories Project will give them a good home and ensure that they are used for educational purposes.

As you can imagine this process costs money.

We are grateful for the finantial assistance provided by The National Lottery. During 2005 The Wartime Memories Project was awarded a grant from the Home Front Recall scheme. This grant enabled our volunteers to visit a large number of people and record their recollections. A selection of their tales have been complied into a DVD for schools and 500 copies issued to schools throughout the North East of England.

In addition a grant from Awards for All has enabled the purchase of additional equipment.

We are actively seeking more volunteers to help with this website and with the collection of material for our archive. If you have a computer and would like to volunteer, please get in touch. There is no need for any specialist web skills, or knowledge of the social history of the two world wars. It will be a great learning experience and it would look great on your CV.

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The stories published on this website are protected by copyright

The opinions expressed are those of the individuals concerned.

The Wartime Memories Project is non-political does not condone any political party.

This website has nothing to do with any religious, political or racial tendence. The views expressed as those of the individuals who have submitted the recollections.

Recollections from any part of the world, both Axis and Allies are welcome.

The Project aims only to record history as it is remembered by those who lived through it.

This project is a non-profit organisation, no money is made by the project. It is supported entirely from our own pockets and from donations made by visitors and friends.

If you know of any funding sources please let us know as the popularity of this website is far exceeding the finantial and human resources. We would not like to see it fall by the wayside.

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The factual information on this website is drawn from a wide range of sources and contributed by individuals. There include but are not limited to:

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