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The Royal Marines originally called the Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot and then the Admiral's Regiment, was formed on October 28, 1664.

During the Second World War Royal Marines served on ships and took part in many major land battles.

  • 1st Battalion
  • 1st Armoured Support Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion
  • 2nd Armoured Support Regiment
  • 3rd Battalion
  • 5th Battalion
  • 7th Battalion
  • 8th Battalion
  • 9th Battalion
  • 10th Battalion
  • 11th Battalion
  • 12th Battalion
  • 15th Battalion
  • 18th Battalion
  • 19th Battalion
  • 20th (Training) Battalion
  • 22nd (Training Battalion
  • 23rd (Training) Battalion
  • 24th Battalion
  • 26th Battalion
  • 27th Battalion
  • 28th Battalion
  • 29th Battalion
  • 30th Battalion
  • 31st Battalion
  • 32nd Battalion
  • 33rd Battalion
  • 33rd Amphibian Assault Battalion
  • 40 Commando
  • 41 Commando
  • 42 Commando
  • 43 Commando
  • 44 Commando
  • 45 Commando
  • 46 Commando
  • 47 Commando
  • 48 Commando

Does anyone remember Thomas Morris who came from Salford, Lancashire and served with the Royal Marines 1939-1945? He was stationed at Portsmouth and Plymouth before being sent overseas to Egypt, India and later Italy.


If you have any Photographs you would like to share please get in touch.

List of those who served with the Royal Marines during the Second World War.

  • Arthur Ansell. HMS Nelson.
  • Raymond Banning. HMS Nelson.
  • W.E. Barrow. HMS Nelson.
  • Arthur Lionel Berridge. HMS Nelson.Read his story
  • Les "Ginger" Blakey. HMS Nelson.
  • Stanley Burford. HMS Nelson.
  • James G. "Nick" Carter. Royal Marines bandmaster. HMS Nelson.
  • Richard "Sticks" Chandler. HMS Nelson.
  • L. A. Cooper. HMS Nelson.
  • Charles "Jack" Corbett gun layer HMS Nelson.
  • Hamish Cumming. HMS Nelson.
  • J. Fairbrass. HMS Nelson.
  • Frank Greenwood. HMS Nelson.
  • Stanley Gunter. HMS Nelson.
  • Thomas Hancock. HMS Nelson.
  • Peter Wilfred "Wilbur" Heath. HMS Nelson. Read his story
  • John Edmond "Eddie or Yorkie" Holbrook. HMS Nelson.
  • Ben Irish. HMS Nelson.
  • B. G. Jackson. HMS Nelson.
  • R. F. Jarman. HMS Nelson.
  • Andrew Lucas. HMS Nelson.
  • Thomas Morris. Read his Story
  • Richard Murrell. HMS Nelson.
  • Leo James Nolan. HMS Nelson.
  • W. Notley. Royal HMS Nelson.
  • K. M. O'Connor. HMS Nelson.
  • Thomas George Payne. HMS Nelson. Read his story
  • Fred J Peake. musician Royal Marines band HMS Nelson.
  • Cpl. R. Perry. HMS Nelson.
  • F. E. Pocock. HMS Nelson.
  • B. E. Pope. HMS Nelson.
  • Colour Sgt A. O. Russel. HMS Nelson.
  • F. S. Sedgbeer. HMS Nelson.
  • W. G. Sharp. HMS Nelson.
  • R. Taylor. HMS Nelson.
  • Cpl. L. J. Walters. HMS Nelson.
  • R. H. White. HMS Nelson.

If you have any names to add to this list please add their details.

If you have a story which you would like to share, or a website dedicated to a ship or sailor, please get in touch.

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