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The Orama was built by Vickers-Armstrong, Barrow-in-Furness in 1924 for the Orient Line with accommodation for 1,700 passengers. She was converted to a troopship in 1940, and was used to transport the British Expeditionary Force to Norway following the German Invasion. On the 8th June 1940, she was sunk 300 miles West of Narvik, by the German High Seas Fleet comprising SCHARNHORST, GNEISENAU and ADMIRAL HIPPER. The Orama lost 19 killed and 280 taken prisoner, there were heavy losses on the other allied ships also sunk, the aircraft carrier HMS GLORIOUS, two destroyers H.M.S. Ardent and H.M.S. Acasta, the trawler "Juniper" and the oil tanker "Oil Pioneer".

I refer to the note on Thomas Lawrence Williams being rescued from the Orama and taken prisoner on the Stalag 13A page. My late father Roy Tompkins was also rescued from the Orama, and taken prisoner. I would be interested to hear from anyone else, or relatives/friend of anyone who was also rescued from the Orama.

Philip Tompkins


An Orient Line postcard of The Orama

A German destroyer sails past as The Troopship Orama goes down.

Survivors of the Orama climb aboard the Hipper

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List of those who sailed on this Ship

  • C. Byrne. Bosun's Mate.
  • William Flett. 3rd Electrician (d. 8 June 1940)
  • Richard Flynn. AB.
  • Harry Little. Steward. Read his Story
  • P.J. O’Brien. Ass Stew
  • George Phillips. Royal Artillery. Read his story
  • Roy Tompkins Read his story
  • Thomas Lawrence Williams. Steward.Read his story

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