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HMS Nelson was a Royal Navy battleship, built by Vickers-Armstrong at the Walkers Yard, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. she was launched in 1925 and played an active part in several battles of the Second World War, including, the Malta convoys 1941-2, North Africa 1942-3, Sicily 1943, Salerno 1943, Mediterranean 1943, Normandy 1944 as well as undertaking convoy duty.

Last November, my sister went to the very well kept Commonwealth War Cemetery near Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, where Stoker 1st Class Lovejoy of HMS Nelson is buried. I have just posted a couple of photos on my web page:

The head stone is for R.T.G. Lovejoy, Stoker First Class RN, HMS Nelson, 13th July 1945, aged 22. In spite of the more recent civil war, the cemetery was very well cared for. I don't yet know how it fared in the Tsunami.

Cooks on the Nelson, Victor is on the Right at the Front

My Grandfather Victor Henry Parkinson, served on HMS Nelson from 1944 to September 1946 as a cook.

I have discovered my Grandad was on HMS Nelson, he was based in Portsmouth, he was a petty officer and was 22 years old - Charles Thomas (tommy/Jonno) Johnson. does anyone know of him? - he lived in Leicester (Thurmaston). I would love to see more pictures - I would love to know what he looked like - apparently he had a love for motorbikes aswell. I believe he was also in Valetta Malta. If anyone knew him I would love to hear from you.

I am looking for items for my father-in-law James (Tug) Wilson who was a PTI on board the Nelson During the war and am delighted to have found this site and will ask him if he wishes to contribute and articles or photos

My father, Frederick Charles Sayer (Curly) served on HMS Nelson as ab seaman and gunner, he also volunteered to be trained along with part of the 8th army whilst still being part of the ships company but my knowledge of this is somewhat limited and would love some more info on how and why this came about, can anyone please throw some light on this? The Nelson was my fathers last ship and he was discharged at the end of the war 1945.

My father-in-law, Arthur Lionel Berridge was passed for duty on 27th May 1944 at Eastney Barracks, after training at Achnacarry, Towyn, and Bognor Regis, as part of the 313 Squad of the Royal Marine Sea Service. The squad then went by train from Fratton station to Rosyth to join HMS Nelson. From there they went around the north of Scotland, through Scapa Flow, and around to Milford Haven, where Arthur was part of the small group who went ashore to pick up the sealed details of their mission. For a couple of days the sailors played games like deck hockey to pass the time, but Arthur said that everyone was thinking about what was to come, and that they were lying if they said they weren't frightened.

On D-Day - 6th June 1944 - HMS Nelson provided covering fire for the landing parties and also anti-aircraft fire, so was not at the forefront of the battle, but they could see the carnage unfolding. Arthur's first job on the Nelson was in the cordite handing room, loading the lift with ammunition for the guns. The three gun turrets were coded A B and X , of which X was manned by Marines. After that he moved to the plotting room, where the calculations were made to aim the guns.

On the return voyage to Portsmouth Arthur and others were detailed to look out for mines, and shoot them with a Bren gun. Unfortunately one mine struck the ship and caused considerable damage, but the area was sealed off and they arrived safely back in port. At this time Arthur was still only seventeen and a half years old.

Liz Berridge

My father was Marine Peter Wilfred (Wilbur) Heath. He served on HMS Nelson during the middle part of the war (including D-Day) having been drafted from HMS Enterprise. He went from HMS Nelson to HMS Howe. He died five years ago but was very proud to have been a Royal Marine.

Barry Heath

My Dad was a gunner on the Nelson he joined the Royal Marines in 1936 and was on the Nelson in WWII his name was Thomas George Payne he lived in London (Vauxhall). I would love to here from anybody that knew him.

Thomas Payne

My grandad, Harry Monger, from Pamber Heath, Hampshire, served on HMS Nelson and HMS Trollope during WW2. He was called up at the beginning of the war, aged 19. He served as a stoker (ordinary rating) on HMS Nelson and was later promoted to Petty Officer. My Grandma remembers him being stabbed by a prisoner he was escorting; the wound was not serious, but he always had the scar.

He served on HMS Nelson for 5 years (my Grandma thinks that it was unusual for sailors to be on one ship so long). He married Grandma in 1942. Whilst the Nelson was undergoing repairs in Glasgow, Grandma and Grandad rented rooms in the West End of Glasgow.

After serving on the Nelson, Grandad served on HMS Trollope. He was very attached to the Nelson and did not like the Trollope - it was a smaller ship and took some getting used to. Grandad was badly injured when the Trollope was torpedoed off the coast of France. The impact flung him across the room and knocked him unconscious and he was covered in hot oil and tar. He was dragged out onto the deck - whoever rescued him thought he was dead because he heard them say "Monger's had it". I remember him telling me that he saw or heard men drowning during an attack, and I think it must have been this incident that he was referring to.

He was taken back to England to recuperate; he needed a lot of physiotherapy on his lungs as he'd inhaled oil during the explosion. When he was better, he served on HMS Montclare and went out to the Far East. I don't think he wasn't decommissioned until 1949.

Although Grandad didn't realise for quite a while after the war had ended, his spinal cord had been badly damaged when he was injured in the torpedo attack on HMS Trollope. He had severe back pain and lost the sensation in his legs and was sent to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London for an operation on his spine. Unfortunately, his spinal cord was badly damaged during surgery and he was paralysed from the waist down. Grandad spent many months in the rehabilitation unit at Stoke Mandeville and eventually learnt to walk again. He was badly disabled and walked with sticks and was in great pain the whole of the time that I remember him, but he was very stoical and never complained. He was a Christian and I think this got him through his experiences during the war and afterwards.

Grandad loved talking about his time in the navy, and always spoke very fondly of the Nelson. I would be really pleased to hear from anyone who remembers Harry Monger. He died from a stroke in 1991 and we miss him very much.

My father Peter Raymond FitzGerald (known as Ray) was on the Nelson and celebrated his 21st Birthday on board the Nelson on D-Day. I have a photograph of the Nelson with President Eisenhower taken in Malta at the time of the Italian surrender.

I was thinking about D-Day and my fathers birthday. My father died 15 years ago.

Anne Huckvale

My Late Husband John Alfred Atkin served on Nelson. He was Chief Petty Officer. ERA. demobbed in May 1946. I have tried for a long time to get in touch with any one who knew him,

Lily Atkin.

My Dad, Percy Eaton, was on the HMS Nelson as a Able Seaman aprox 1939. He was on this ship when a torpedo struck and he went down in hold to send up supplies in a bucket to the top deck. He lived through the war an then died Dec 1982 at the age of 62. My mother still lives at the age of 84 and has tried to get photos and info on this ship at Portsmouth but not much luck. My son has old photos of ships etc. but no info on them.

Mr A Eaton

My Dad, Charles A. Good, served on HMS Nelson during (I think) 1943 to 1945. Unfortunatley he has passed on now, he came from Islesworth in Middlesex. He was in the navy for many years and went to Malta and many more places. He went on to join the Merchant Navy.

Fran Daden

My late father served on HMS Nelson. His name was RAY KNIGHT and he was a stoker. He served on the "Nellie" from 1943 to 1947. His home was in Brighton, Sussex. Sadly he died in 1996. If anyone rmembers him please get in touch with me on

Raymond Harrison (Stoker) of the HMS Nelson is trying to contact any comrades from this period (May 1944 to August 1945).


My dad served on 'the Nelson' in WW2. He died a few years ago and my mum is now living in a nursing home. When clearing out her home I found pictures of my dad on the Nelson with other crew members and also found his medals. How can I find out more about the medals, the Nelson and the part it played in WW2. My 10 year old daughter wants to take these pictures/medals to school but I would like to have more information. My dad was called Norman Stoker and I think he was a Petty Officer. Can any one help me?

Jean Smith


My grandad Charles Henry Andrew served on H.M.S Nelson.

HMS Nelson, photo taken from HMS Revenge in North Atlantic 1940

HMS Nelson, photo taken from HMS Revenge in North Atlantic 1940

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List of those who served on HMS Nelson

  • Leading Seaman John "Jack" Adam
  • Alf Allpress. Torpedoman
  • Chief Petty Officer. Stanley Ernest Hill Alexander
  • Petty Officer. William Allinson
  • Charles Henry Andrew.
  • Arthur Ansell. Royal Marines
  • Robert Archbold
  • R.Ash
  • Chief Petty Officer. John Alfred Atkin. Read his story
  • Albert Atkinson
  • John Atkinson. Leading Stoker
  • D. Aufrett. Leading Telegraphist
  • Alfred Austin
  • Ronald Balson
  • Robert James Banbury
  • Sidney Albert Banner
  • Raymond Banning. Royal Marines
  • C. Bannister
  • Charles Francis "Frank" Barham. stoker
  • P. Barnes. telegraphist
  • William Barratt.
  • W.E. Barrow. Royal Marines
  • Harry Beadle Stoker
  • Derek "Pete" Beard
  • L. D. Belben
  • R. G. Benham
  • Douglas Harold Bennett
  • Eric Bennett
  • Walter Benson
  • Arthur Lionel Berridge. Read his story
  • Ldg Steward. David Ernest Bingley.
  • Frank Bissel. signalman
  • Les "Ginger" Blakey. Royal Marines
  • Robert Edward Blundell
  • Alan Boakes
  • Harry Bodsworth. gunner
  • Alf Bonser
  • Peter Burgon Borthwick.
  • Derrick Bott
  • Albert Bradbury.
  • G. Bradbury. leading cook
  • Ernest Charles "Gus" Britton. boy signalman
  • J. Brent-Jones. leading telegraphist
  • R. A. Brookes
  • Joseph Brooks.
  • Jock Brown
  • W. Brown
  • Cecil Arthur Buckley (d. 10 Jan 1940 aged 17)
  • T. Bulbelk
  • George Alan Burdett
  • Lt. George Edward Burfitt. gunnery officer
  • Stanley Burford. Royal Marines
  • Fredrick Butchers. stoker
  • Jock Aalder
  • Edwin Cappleman. chief petty officer
  • D. V. Carden . petty officer
  • R. Careless
  • Alex Carmicheal
  • Charles B Carpenter.
  • James G. "Nick" Carter. Royal Marines bandmaster
  • Tom Chadwick. Royal Marines
  • W. L. Chalmers-Stevens. petty officer
  • Richard "Sticks" Chandler. Royal Marines
  • Arnold Chaplin
  • William Christie
  • L. S. Churcher
  • Henry Clark
  • Sub. Lt. Robert Arthur "Nobby" Clarke
  • Dennis Clayton
  • Harry Cleminson
  • G. A. Cole
  • Philip Alfred Cook. chief gunner
  • Henry Cooper
  • L. A. Cooper. Royal Marines
  • Charlie Copperwhite
  • D. E. Copping
  • Charles "Jack" Corbett Royal Marines gun layer
  • F. Croft. Royal Marines
  • Percy Cronk
  • A. Crowther
  • Ian D. Cuff. senior radar officer
  • Hamish Cumming. Royal Marines
  • Harry Curry. storekeeper
  • Daden
  • Dave "Lofty" Dawkins
  • Peter Joseph Day
  • Derek Avies. leading seaman
  • Bernard Dingley
  • Ken Dispain
  • John McLeod Dodds. leading sick bay attendant
  • Percy James Doughty.
  • William Dowd. gunner
  • L. E. Drury
  • Leslie Kilby Dunbar
  • Ronald Lawrence "Tim" Dunkley. oerlikon gunner
  • Len "Dickie" Dye. torpedoman
  • Able Seaman Percy Eaton Read his story
  • John Edmonds.
  • William John Edney. gunner
  • Fred Edwards. diver and gunner
  • George Elcoat
  • John "Jack" Ellick. stoker
  • Robert Embleton
  • J. H. England
  • George Ettie
  • Reg Evans
  • J. Fairbrass. Royal Marines
  • T. Fisher
  • William Frederick George Fishlock
  • Peter Raymond "Ray" FitzGerald. Read his story
  • Bert Fletcher
  • Sub. Lt. John Forbes
  • Peter Foster
  • CPO. R. T. Foyle
  • H. J. W. French
  • A. E. Fullbrook
  • T Fuller. torpedoman
  • PO. William Ernest Gibbon
  • PO. John Stanley "Putty" Gibson
  • Charles Gladdy. chief petty officer
  • Charles A. Good. Read his story
  • PO. W. J. Goodall
  • K. E. Goodarce
  • Robert John Gordon. telegraphist
  • A. Goss. telegraphist
  • Bill Gower
  • Fred Green
  • John Green. leading stoker mechanic
  • Robert Greene
  • Frank Greenwood. Royal Marines
  • Patrick Greenwood. helmsman
  • CPO. Joe Gregg
  • A. Griffiths
  • I. J. Griffiths
  • F. Gritt. stoker
  • R. Gunner stoker
  • Stanley Gunter. Royal Marines
  • J. Haddock
  • Stanley Haggar
  • Binnie Hales. torpedoman
  • "Nobby" Hall. torpedoman
  • S. L. Hall
  • Victor Halliday
  • CPO Ronald Hamshaw
  • Thomas Hancock. Royal Marines
  • Frederick Charles Hard
  • Frederick "Lofty" Harding
  • PO. D. Hare
  • Leslie Hares
  • PO. Walter B Harfield
  • John Harris. stoker
  • Warrant Officer. Harrison
  • Raymond Harrison (Stoker) Read his story
  • "Bunker" Haynes. diver
  • Jack Heasman
  • Peter Wilfred "Wilbur" Heath. Royal Marines Read his story
  • Garrett Joseph Hickey
  • PO. F. O. Hindmarsh
  • Edwin Hipsey
  • George W Hogg
  • John Edmond "Eddie or Yorkie" Holbrook. Royal Marines
  • J. R. Hollis
  • Alex Hooper
  • Vernon "Bob" Hope
  • Dennis A Howard. telegraphist
  • George Humphreys. blacksmith
  • A. W. J. Inkpen
  • Ben Irish. Royal Marines
  • B. G. Jackson. Royal Marines
  • G. J. Jackson. stoker mechanic
  • Tom Jackson.
  • CPO. Louis Jaegge
  • F W Jaggers. leading stoker
  • William Janes.
  • R. F. Jarman. Royal Marines
  • Robert William Albert Jeffery
  • Joseph Arthur Jeffries
  • PO. Charles Thomas "Tommy/Jonno" Johnson Read his story
  • PO. William Johnstone
  • PO. E C Jones
  • Jim Kane.
  • Frank Ian Keeling
  • F. G. Kerr
  • Frederick William John King
  • John Francis King
  • Peter King
  • Wilfrid Kirkby
  • Albert Knight Read his story
  • Ray Knight. First Class Stoker. Read his story
  • William Lamb
  • Edmund George Lance
  • W. Latchford. stoker
  • Lou Lees
  • G. L. Lester. telegraphist
  • A. J. Le-Tacon
  • J. W. Limburn
  • W. J. Lindford
  • John Linsley
  • PO. Frederick Lippert. stoker
  • J. Lockier
  • Paul Lovell. torpedoman
  • R.T.G. Lovejoy, Stoker First Class. Read his Story
  • Alan George Henry Lovesy. gunner
  • Harold Lowe
  • Andrew Lucas. Royal Marines
  • Bernard Luckavich.
  • Robert "Roy" Luther
  • John. M. Luxton
  • Jock Macintosh. diver
  • PO. John "Jack" Maden. radio engineer
  • Edward Manser
  • E Marsh
  • Kenneth Thomas Maslin
  • Ben Matthews
  • R. F. Mawson. Telegraphist
  • PO. R. J. Mayne
  • J. L. Mcardle
  • PO. D. McIntosh
  • J. H. McLeod
  • Ldg Sto. David Mclinton
  • Jock McNicol
  • Raymond Merrick
  • William Herbert Millener
  • Kenneth Miller
  • Leslie Edmund Mintram
  • Ernie Mitchel
  • Horace "Tex" Moffat-Bailey. wireless telegraphist
  • Harry Monger. Read his story
  • Warrant Officer Moore
  • J. T. Morgan
  • P. Munn. ordinance artificer
  • Richard Murrell. Royal Marines
  • E. Mutimer. navigators yeoman
  • S. Nash
  • G A. Neale
  • Stan Nelson
  • Kenneth "Nick" Nicholson. gunner
  • David Wilson Nicol 1942-1945 ab
  • Edward Niven
  • Leo James Nolan. Royal Marines
  • Lewis Noon
  • R. G. Notley
  • W. Notley. Royal Marines
  • K. M. O'Connor. Royal Marines
  • Charles Alfred Osgood
  • Able Seaman Frederick William Parkin.
  • Victor Henry Parkinson. cook. Read his Story
  • William Patten
  • Thomas George Payne. Royal Marines Read his story
  • Fred J Peake. musician Royal Marines band
  • Alfred Peers. range finder
  • Cpl. R. Perry. Royal Marines
  • Tom Petrie
  • PO. J. S. Pickering
  • Victor Pitts
  • F. E. Pocock. Royal Marines
  • Wilf Pollard
  • B. E. Pope. Royal Marines
  • A. Preston
  • Jack Pugh
  • CPO. Edward Reeves
  • Sub Lt. G. Rivington
  • Sid Robinson
  • Cpl. Fred Roles. RAF. Read his story
  • John Palgrave Rose. telephonist
  • PO. F. D. Rowland
  • Len Rowlands
  • Colour Sgt A. O. Russel. Royal Marines
  • CPO. William John Russell
  • E. G. Sadler
  • William Thomas Sale
  • Frederick Charles "Curly" Sayer. Read his story
  • Ldr Sm. Scholes. torpedoman
  • F. S. Sedgbeer. Royal Marines
  • W. G. Sharp. Royal Marines
  • Jack Senior
  • PO Bill Shanley. gun layer
  • Robert William Shipton
  • Victior Simmons
  • George Fredrick Sinclair
  • Smethurst
  • Jock Smillie. rangetaker
  • A. W. Smith
  • Edward Charles Smith
  • Len "Smudge" Smith. gunner
  • R. Snow
  • M. R. Southcott
  • Albert John Springall
  • George Val Squance. stoker
  • G. Stanfield
  • Charles "Charlie" Statham
  • Albert William Arthur Stevens
  • Sidney Roy Stevens
  • F. J. F. Stewart. wireman
  • C. Straker
  • PO. Norman Stoker Read his story
  • CPO. James Sugden
  • Buck Taylor
  • Hamish H. Taylor
  • R. Taylor. Royal Marines
  • C Timms
  • William Tizard. stoker
  • Wiliam Thomas
  • D. H. Thomas. leading signalman
  • PO. G. Thompson. radar
  • Robert Thompson
  • Samuel Thornton. diver and gunner
  • Clifford Throp
  • PO. Cyril Townsend
  • CPO. George Thomas Treadwell
  • Harry Trotter
  • PO. E. Tuke
  • J. J. Turner
  • Wiliam Tyson
  • Jack Verow
  • George William Walker
  • Cpl. L. J. Walters. Royal Marines
  • PO K. Warden. radar mechanic
  • George Douglas Watson. canadian. gunner
  • Sub Lt. P. Watson
  • R. C. Watson
  • Frank Wellman. stoker 1st class
  • George "Red" Werrey
  • Wetherall. gunner
  • Ronald H White
  • R. H. White. Royal Marines
  • PO. W. R. White
  • Charles Wiffen
  • Arthur Sidney Wilkinson
  • Alfred Arthur Williams. telegraphist
  • S. E. Williams. stoker mechanic
  • William George Williams
  • PO. A. R. Wilson
  • Douglas Wilson
  • James "Tug" Wilson. PTI Read his story
  • PO. L.A.E. Wilson
  • PO. V. G. Witcombe
  • CPO William G Wood. cpo atificer
  • Reginald Woodford
  • W. E. Woodward. telegraphist
  • Benjamin Leopold Wooley. specialist in anti aircraft fire
  • Norman Wright. radar
  • Derrick C Wyre
  • Thomas Yearsley
  • Albert Yeomans

If you have any names to add to this list, or any recollections or photos of those listed, please get in touch. Add Your Story


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