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At the outbreak of the Second World War, a disused stone quarry, names Spring Quarry, 100 feet underground below Corsham in North Wiltshire was converted into the largest underground factory in the world, making aircraft engines for the Bristol Aeroplane Company.

Could you please help me find some pictures of the Corsham underground workshops my Gran used to work there between 1940-45. She made parts for the sentaurus aircraft engine I would like to find some nice pictures to go with her fond memories. Russ Clark

My late mother told me that during the 2nd World War she worked in the canteen of an aircraft factory in Corsham, Wilts, that made Typhoon parts. Was this correct; is there a book or some other source that would tell me about the factory; and [a very long shot] are there likely to be surviving records of people who worked there (including the canteen)?

Thanks John Coppen

Note from Webmaster: There is an excelent book about the complex with many photos: Secret Underground Cities


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