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Stalag 8a was situated in Görlitz, on the River Neisse, approximately 50 miles east of Dresden,today it is Poland but the area was part of Germany before and during the war. The camp is situated outside of the eastern suburb of Moys, using barracks which had been built as a Hitler Youth camp in the 1930's.

My uncle Urban Gerrard "Jack" Ryan was a member of the 2/11th AIF captured on Crete 6/6/41 and interned first at Stalag V11A then transferred to Stalag V111B in October 41. We would like to hear from anyone who knew him and any information anyone may have of his time in the camps. Also if anyone knows on which route the death march took when he left V111B. Any contact or information will be gratefully appreciated.

My late Father-In-Law Charles West (Charlie) rifleman The Kings Royal Rifle Corps was a pow in xv111a in 1941-43, bit of a singer so presume he was doing his bit in entertaining, I have come across two photos:

on back L\CPL Gordon Simpson (dick) 14247 Stalag V111B ,E196 Germany.>

on back 6847419 T Hixson 2860 1st rangers Stalag XV111A


My father, Loren George Resterhouse: Btry. D 634th AAA AW Bn, an Anti-Aircraft & Artillery Auto Cps crew (tankers). The First Army was captured with 900 Men December 1944 and sent to Stalag 4-B then to 8A. They walked the prisoners 720 miles, starved them, in like a death March.

He was freed by American forces in March of 1945 Went to Miami with other Men. Married my Mother there in Miami. He was approx. 110 pounds when he was liberated.

I have photos, and his journal, as I do research on what his suffering was like as an American POW He passed away in Jan. 1987. Would not like to talk about his experiences. He had many nightmares mostly of the war. He carried the anger with him. I am his Daughter

Laura Resterhouse (Born on his Birthday 1953)

List of Prisoners

  • Jean Dumoulin
  • Willy Godart
  • Tom Hixson. 1st rangers Read his Story
  • John Lewis Kerr. NZ
  • Leslie Angus McIver. Long Range Desert Group.New Zealand Armoured Corps. Read his story
  • Paul Orban
  • Loren George Resterhouse. Btry. D 634th AAA AW Bn
  • Urban Gerrard "Jack" Ryan. 2/11th AIF. Read his Story
  • Rifleman Charles West. The Kings Royal Rifle Corps Read his Story

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