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Stalag IVA was located at Hohenstein-Elsterhorst near Dresden.

Sardar Ahmed of the British Indian Army, Medical Corps.

Captain Sardar Ahmed and his fellow POWs

I am enclosing some pictures of my Late father, Capt. Sardar Ahmed and his fellow POWs from allied countries. My father was with the British Indian Army, Medical Corps, during World War 2. He was captured in 1940 in Libya. He was a POW in Stalag IVA, a prisoner of war camp in Germany from 1940-1945. I should be glad to hear from anybody who recognizes him or his colleagues.

My dad was captured after the Anzio landings, serving with The Black Watch and was held as a POW at a camp named Stalag IVA near the Czech town of Chomutov (sometimes spelled as Komatao) which is near the city of Brux, (German name, it's now named Most).

I can find no record of this camp at Chomutov. The Stalag IVA which you have listed is at Hohenstein-Ernstthal

I would be very interested in receiving any information regarding this camp.

I did try to contact the local military and received a reply, from someone who I think is the curator of the local military museum in Chumotov. After reading it I think he is questioning whether the camp actually existed in Chomutov, which is where the confusion starts:

This is my dad when he was 20 years old, just prior to Anzio

My father, Fred Maybank from south east London was a pow in Stalag 4A and Stalag 4B. He also worked in an open cast coal mine called Erika. I have visited the site of the coal mine but it was being bulldozed over to provide housing. The road is now called Grube Erika.

Barbara Saltmarsh

I have a student named Gene Semeniuk. His grandfather was a prisoner here and he has given me his red cross certificate. His family is trying to find info what happened to him there. His number is 3571. His name was Teodor Semeniuk and his father's name was Izydor Semeniuk.

He was interned in Stalag IV-A, Hohenstein (according to a list dated 9/28/39 and then interned in Stalag IV-D, Torgau (according to a "presence card" dated August 1944.

We did find his place of birth Halyczowka 3-2-17....Is this in Poland? Where is this city? The family would like to know.

My father Private Arthur Edmond Buckingham, No 9912 was a prisoner in Stalag IV A in June 1942 and in November 1942 he was repatriated to Egypt.

This is a photo of Dad in a POW camp. Dad is the guy in the middle in the second row with his hands on the guy in fronts shoulders. I have no idea where it was taken or when.

Dad was in a German Military hospital in Sept 1941, Stalag VB in December 1941 and in Stalag IV A from June 1942 until he was repatriated to Egypt in November 1942. He was captured around the 18th May 1941, either in Greece or Crete, I don't know for sure. He was in the 5th Field Ambulance in the New Zealand Army. He was in one camp with a Welsh guy who they called Tubby Stokes (I don't know his christian name) and another Kiwi, who is still alive (92), Willy Jackman. I don't know which camp he was in with these two other POW's.

Grant Arthur Buckingham

I recently went through some old photographs of my family following the death, of my mother Joyce Kavanagh. Among the photographs were several pictures of John Jones as well as a wedding photo of my parents sent to Stalag IV A in 1944.

John Jones was the brother of my mother's stepfather, Bill Jones. They hailed from Wigan in Lancashire. John Jones' number was 260372. Although he did return home after the war, he died shortly thereafter from TB which he contracted during his time as a POW. I also have his medals from WWII including the Africa Star, Italy Star and 1939-45 Star. I wondered if there was anyone who might remember him?

Alan Kavanagh

Pte N. Whitehead of the Seaforth Highlanders was captured North Africa May 1944 and held in Stalag IVA - Hohenstein. He apparently had enlisted in the Black Watch and was sometime thereafter transferred to the Seaforths.

Paul Whitehead

My father was a POW for three and a half years in Stalag IVa. His name was Harold Lewis Bowmaker, sadly he died in 1987.

These photographs were taken in the camp.


I am the daugther of Marcel THYRION ( Max), prisonner in stalag 4A. Searching for informations about him during this period. May be you have known him?

Thyron Familye

My grandfather Wallace Workman Smith was held prisoner at Stalag 4A for six months. He was wounded in action in Italy and held from October 1944 to April 1945. He was from North Carolina and served in the US Army, 85th Cluster Division, 339th Infantry. I have very little information about him and he passed away in 1992. He is listed as being released on April 23, 1945. How was Stalag 4A liberated? Maybe someone out there will know him. Thanks for the help and for keeping these soliders memories alive.

Quint Kindley

Harry Bates, in centre, wearing 'jump suits' These were some of the forerunners of the Parachute Regiment

Dave Bland

List of Prisoners

  • Capt. Sardar Ahmed. British Indian Army, Medical Corps. Read his Story
  • Harry Bates - Parachute Regiment
  • Harold Lewis Bowmaker Read his story
  • Pte. Arthur Edmond Buckingham. 5th Field Ambulance, New Zealand Army Read his storyThe Black WatchRead his story
  • S/Sgt Theodore Cunningham. Tail gunner. USAAF
  • Bob Fellows.
  • Joseph Findlay
  • Sergeant John Frederick Gilbert. Royal Army Ordnance Corps att. West Yorkshire Regiment. Read his story
  • John Jones Read his story
  • Pte. Srul s. Hirsz Koenig.
  • Fred Maybank. Read his story
  • Frank Penney
  • William Philpott. Essex and East Surrey Regiments
  • Joseph Ponting. 3rd Parachute Battalion
  • Teodor Semeniuk Read his story
  • Wallace Workman Smith. 85th Cluster Div, 339th Infantry. Read his story
  • Marcel "Max" Thyron. Read his story
  • Pte N. Whitehead. Seaforth Highlanders Read his story
  • Edward Yallop. Norfolk Yeomanry, Royal Artillery.

If you have any names to add to this list please add their details.

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