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Stalag 3b was located at Foistenberg Germany.

I found out through the National Archives that my grandfather on February 17th 1943, was a POW at Stalag 3B, Furstenberg. He was Pvt Emmett Presley US Army Corps of Engineers Armoured Division. He was released June 5th 1945.

My Father James W. Strickland, US Army, was captured in North Africa Jan 20, 1943. as of May 13, 1943 he was a pow at Stalag 3b pow # 90329. I am requesting info as to where stalag 3b was located and list of any pow's there at the same time. He was released May 5, 1945.

Robert E. Strickland

my father named Bertillo Livotto. This is how my father ended up in stalag 3b. My father was serving in the Italian air force and was stationed at Verona airfield. One day he was in the mezz room eating when suddenly the loud speaker announced by the Field Marshal Pietro Badoglio that Italy was being invaded by the Germans and the orders was given to destroy all equipment and aircraft on the airfield. There was panic and confusion everywhere at that time.

My father quickly went to see the Commander but he had fled off. So my father had to take command and carry out the orders that were given. My father rounded up 6 Privates and commanded them to destroy aircraft and all equipment before the Germans arrive. With his men they also destroyed all the main communication lines on the main road in Verona that were running North, South East and West, with sharp axes. Suddenly there was machine gun firing at everything that moves, the enemy had penetrated the back entrance of the airfield killing 43 airmen. My father and his men escaped the enemy onslaught through fences, fields and farms. They all ended up in a chicken coup.

My father hid down a dry well on the farm. He slept all night. When he woke up and came out of the well German sniffer dogs spotted him, and so he got caught. My father now a prisoner of the Germans was taken to the Italian military barrack out of Verona to a place called Quinto Lanaeri. He was questioned and flogged and put behind bars. My father tried to escape through the prison sewerage system but was caught. The second time he tried to escape on a horse and buggy, that also had failed. By that time the Germans had put extra guards to stop further prisoners from escaping.

My father was then put on a prison train with 2000 other Italians bound for Germany, to a prison camp called STALAG 3B. They arrived there at 7:00pm. On arrival the prisoners were given 1 slice of bread and some soup, my father was also given a prisoner number 307185.

My uncle Norman H. Timmons was POW for 26 months and was in Stalag3b. I have a couple letters written to him by his father.

Mike Timmons

My father, Sgt.William J. Avery was in Stalag IIIb 7342 in 1941. I believe that he was captured in Crete although I have a photo showing an attack at the Grevina Pass, Greece in 1941. He was also in Stalag383, Germany which I believe is Hohenfels, Barvaria in 1944. I have a number of photos which show named people and others. In a show was Bert Haris an Aussie 'Mo' , Jimmy Duncan and Jock. Another photo shows Dan Hill, Jerry Peacock, John Mansfield, Dan McGinty & Don McRae.CMS Savayl?, Rev.Capt.K.Grant my father- Sgt.William J. Avery,and Jock another prisoner was Sanders and S.Jefferies of Basingstoke. Australians R.F.Mundy of Lima,South Victoria,W.E.J Bott,of Preston, Victoria 1335 and A.W.Paisley,Bokonia? Victoria.Guards were Rudolf Blumer of Thur,Karlstrasse and Ludwig Storch of Frankfurt. These names are all written on the back of photos.

Jill Avery


Lido Martinelli

This is a photo of my father Lt. Lido Martinelli, Italian Resistance, captured by the Germans in Verona, Italy on Sept 15, 1943. Transported by rail to Stalag 3B, Barracks "Korel 121" and POW #307288. Due to his prior medical school training he functioned as a "doctor" until he escaped with three other POWs in 1945.

My father was wounded during his escape and fled east where he was picked up by the Russian Army. He was kept by the Russians (who were very short on doctors) and served with the Mongolian troops and entered Berlin with them three days after Hitler committed suicide. He personally visited the remains of Hitler's bunker. He was kept by the Russians and was not repatriated until 1947! The other POWs who escaped and were picked by by American troops informed my father's parents that he had been shot and probably killed by the Germans during their escape. His parents had already "buried" him with a memorial in a local cemetary. Imagine their suprise when he showed up at their door step in 1947!

After WW II, Lt. Lido Martinelli came to the U.S. and settled in California where he attended University of California - Davis veternary school. He graduated as a veternarian in 1952 and conducted a successful small animal practice until he retired in 1980. Dr. Lido Martinelli resides on his almond ranch near Modesto, CA. and remains in good health.

List of Prisoners

  • Sal Alini
  • Sgt.William J. Avery Read his story
  • W.E.J Bott
  • Hugh A. Cameron
  • Harly S. Clay
  • Jimmy Duncan
  • Chester Devoid Gainey Read his Story
  • Delmar Gaskin
  • Fred R. Gerber
  • Rev.Capt.K. Grant
  • Bert Haris
  • Dan Hill
  • Merle Inman Read his Story
  • S.Jefferies
  • Bertillo Livotto Read his story
  • Telesfor "Blackie" Lucero. 1st Army Div.
  • Dan McGinty
  • Don McRae
  • Pvt. William L. Manning 34th Division, 168th Regiment, Company E
  • John Mansfield
  • Lt. Lido Martinelli. (Italian Resistance) Read his story
  • R.F.Mundy
  • A.W.Paisley
  • Jerry Peacock
  • Pvt. Joseph Perrano. 43rd Battalion 9th Regiment
  • Genaro Pina
  • Pvt Emmett Presley. US Army Corps of Engineers Armoured Division.Read his Story
  • Robert Richard. 760th Tank Bn. Read his story
  • Sanders
  • James W. Strickland Read his story
  • Norman H. Timmons Read his story
  • Wilian O Tower. 106th Inf Div.
  • S/Sgt. Luther C. Vaughn. USA 1st Amd Div; 27th Field Artillery
  • Charles F. Ward. Tank Driver USA 1st Amd Div. 1st Armd Regt. Read his story

If you have any names to add to this list please add their details.

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