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Stalag XXIb was situated at Warthelager near Posen.

John Albert E Hammond initially Royal Artillery, and Blackwatch. 2nd World War I would like to talk to anybody who knows my grandad (or is familiar with the name), he was captured at Dunkirk (whilst in Blackwatch troop) and became at POW. He spent time in Dresden and was marched to Stalag 344 and then onto Stalag XXI-B. My grandad wrote to a man named Christopher John Bergoine shortly after the war. I believe they were in one of the above camps together, where he helped this man escape. Please contact me if you can shed any light on this please. Thank you.

I have found photos of my father on the Prisoner of war site linked through the Arnhem Archive site both run by Mark Hickman. My father appears in Stalag IXC (Bad Sulza), however I have recently received POW papers that confirm he was once in Dulag XIB (this is how the papers are stamped)and since contacting Mark Hickman it seems that Dulag and Stalag XIB are one and the same. Perhaps he should be added to Stalag XIB, I'm not sure? he was Private Richard Robert McLarnon (known as Dick McLarnon) of 2nd Batallion Parachute Regiment, Army No.6984899, POW No.200264. captured at Arnhem, originally of the 1st Batallion Royal Ulster Rifles (Gliderborne Infantry) 6th Airlanding Brigade.


I think this is taken in Stalag 21b, a hut at Xmas 1944

Good Gracious Godfrey!

These photos recently came into my possession.

Sandra Colley

List of Prisoners

  • LCpl Aked
  • William Ball. Queen's Royal Regiment.Read his story
  • Basquill
  • Pte Blair
  • Fus Bonser
  • Rfn Boosey
  • Pte Borley
  • Gnr Bowyer
  • Spr Butterworth
  • Spr Byrne
  • Gnr Callan
  • Pte Canwell
  • Gnr Chappell
  • Rfn Chisholm
  • Pte. John Dale Chew. Royal Army Service Corp Read his story
  • Gnr Clark
  • Gnr Cooper
  • Pte Couthard
  • Pte Craig
  • Rfn Cruise
  • LCpl Crummy
  • Pte Dainey
  • Pte Davies
  • Pte Eieira
  • Cpl Elgar
  • Fus Faulkner
  • Cpl Fayers
  • Cpl Finlay
  • Fogg
  • Pte Foster
  • Rfn Fuller
  • Pte McGilliuray
  • Pte Graham
  • Cpl Greenwood
  • Sgmn Griffiths
  • Hancone
  • Hanson
  • Pte Harkness
  • Pte Harper
  • Pte Harris
  • Rfn Hawes
  • John Albert E Hammond. Black Watch.Read his Story
  • Pte Henry
  • William Hewer. The Border Regiment.Read his story
  • Frank Heyes. The Border Regiment. Read his story
  • Pte Hicks
  • Rfn Hills
  • LCpl Hobbs
  • Pte Howitson
  • Sgt W. Hutchings
  • Pte Irving
  • Pte Johnson
  • LCpl Jones
  • Pte Klar
  • Gnr King
  • Pte Kinghorn
  • Sgmn Kirkman
  • Sgt Lawrence
  • Pte Lenair
  • Pte Lister
  • Pte Little
  • Pte. Roy Alfred Lonsdale. 1st Kensington's Read his story
  • Pte McKerrall
  • Pte Richard Robert McLarnon. 2nd Batallion Parachute Regiment Read his Story
  • Mahaney
  • Gnr Major
  • Pte Malcolm
  • Pte Manning
  • Gnr Martin
  • Sgt W D Mason. 1st Kensington's
  • Pte Mendham
  • Gnr Mints
  • Sgmn Mitchell
  • Sgmn Moody
  • Pte Moore
  • LCpl Morgan
  • Pte Morris
  • Sgmn Newsam
  • Fus Nowell
  • Pte Newland
  • Pte Nutt
  • Gnr Oram
  • Driver William "Danny" O`Shea. RASC Read his story
  • Paaks
  • LCpl Parkin
  • Pte Petrie
  • Pte Pike
  • LCpl Porter
  • Pte Pressland
  • Pte Prior
  • Pte Radford
  • Pte Randlesome
  • Tpn Reake
  • Pte Rowles
  • Pte Rudd
  • Gnr Slaughter
  • Gnr George Smith. R.A. Read his story
  • Pte Smith 257
  • Pte Smith 30
  • Pte Smith 98
  • Pte Smith 28
  • Smithers
  • Southam
  • Pte Speed
  • Pte Standen
  • LCpl Sterling
  • Pte Stewart
  • Fus Stubbs
  • Pte Taylor
  • CSM Taylor
  • Pte Thompson 92
  • Pte Thompson 35
  • Pte Thompson 31
  • Tillman
  • Pte Todd
  • Fus Toleman
  • Cpl Townsend
  • Pte Virgo
  • Wallis
  • Wilson
  • Pte Woodburn
  • E Wright
  • W Wright

If you have any names to add to this list please add their details.

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