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Stalag 1B was situated in Hohenstein in Eastern Germany, after 1945 the area became part of Poland and today Hohenstein is now Olsztynek.

My granfather was POW in Stalag IB. His name was Pasquale Cerio, he was from Campobasso in the south of Italy. My granfather died 2 yeas ago.

This document that the Red Cross send that says that my granfather was pow in Stalag IB with the number 1621. The date was 17.11.1943.

My granfather told me that he was in a farmer and there the german people was very kindy with him. We worked all the days in the farm but they give him foods. They cannot allow him to eat with the german family. Anyway he told me that he was really lucky to go in the farms.

Gianluca Cerio

I'm looking for any information about my father, Eugene Leclere, born in 1912 in Guise, France, who has been detained in Stalag 1B from 1940 to 1945. His best friend in prisoner camp was Louis Lorimier, a trackman in France.


List of Prisoners

  • Pasqual Cerio. italian.Read his Story
  • François Grenier. french.
  • Raymond Hall. Royal Artillery
  • Eugene Leclere. french. Read his story
  • Louis Lorimier. french
  • Pierre Rateau. french Read his story
  • Paul Suel. (French)

If you have any names to add to this list please add their details.

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