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The Messengers were an important service during the Second World War, communications, especially during air raids were difficult as few people had telephones and often the phone lines and electric were cut by the raids.

I served as a Air Raid Messenger in the Village of Gaisby, Town of Shipley Nr Bradford. I gad a Tin Hat with a white letter M thereon and of course had to use my own bike. We operated out of the celler in a farm house but later had an air road post in Gaisby Lane at the foot of Gaisby Mount. My father Lewis Western was the Senior Warden and later I became a Warden. We had a boiler suit wellington boots a tin hat with W on it and a rattle and a whistle.

Later I thought my father should receive the defence medal but it appeared the records for the town of Shipley were lost. what a pitty as he served the whole war in The ARP and for myself. Oh I left and joined the RAF and finishe up on operations over Europe as an air gunner.

Jack Western.

List of those who served as Messengers.

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