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In 1942 I received my pilots license, at an air-port out side Detroit. In 1943 I enlisted in Army Air Corp and was sent to Miami Beach Florida for basic training.

Then in 1944 to Gettysburg College Maxwell field, Alabama Pre-flight Avon Park, Florida Flying PT-17 Lakeland, Florida Flying PT-17 Cochran Field, Maco Georgia Flying AT-6. 1945 Landed on wrong run-way and was grounded.

I was shipped to Phillipine Islands. War ended Aug.14, 1945. As advance occupation party on Sept. 15, 1945 I was sent to Inchon, Korea and by train went to Taegu, Korea. We were the first American soldiers the Koreans had ever seen, The Japanese soldiers were still there at their guard post's. We relieved the Japanese and took over the occupation. Being the only troops there we were given MP Helmets, MP Arm bands And 45 caliber revolvers and we worked with the Korean Police.

Arthur L. Morneweck

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