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Here are the full details for submitting material to The Wartime Memories Project:

Recollections can be submitted via email either in the body of the email or as text file attachments (.doc .rtf .txt )

Please DO NOT type in all upper case letters.

Please send copies of images by email attachment.

Our email address is

We can also accept submissions by post, in typed written form and copies of photos (please do not send origionals incase they get lost in the post)

We are very keen to expand our collection of recollections on audio or video tape, CD or DVD.

If you would like to record the stories on audio tape or an audio file recorded via your computer, (.wav .mp3 or similar) we would very much like to add the recording to our achive.

If you have a video camera and would like to submit a video of the telling of the stories we can accept VHS, 8mm or MiniDV tapes or on video CD or DVD.

Audio and Video stories will be held in our archive and may be used for educational purposes.

On this website there is a page to print and fill in to send along with your tapes this page also has a few tips for making your video recording.

Video submissions will not be added to the website at this stage due to lack of resources, if you would like to stories to be on the website in addition to the video archive, please also send a text version.

Our postal address is:

  • The Wartime Memories Project
  • MHP
  • PO Box 325
  • Stockton on Tees
  • TS20 1XL

Please be aware that we currently have a large backlog of material to add to the site so there will be a wait of several weeks before it appears online. We do try to take all submissions in the order they arrive and will contact you when your material is due to be added. If you have any further details to add in the mean time please send them through to be added to the queue.

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  • PO Box 325
  • Stockton on Tees
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