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It is not possible to fully understand the history of the Second World War without refering to the forces of the Axis.

The Wartime Memories Project is purely a historical resource and the information contacted in this section is for historical educational. We are a Non Political organisation and do not support the ideas of The Third Riech, we simply present the facts.


Panzer Lehr Division, formed from several training units, was regarded by many as one of the best Divisionsni the German army. Served in Germany, France and Normandy

Albert Kriegsgefangen in St.Etienne

Im the son of a soldier who was captured in France, near St. Lo after the heaviest bombardemenst during the Operation Cobra. My dad was captured on 26th of July 1944. He was member of the Panzer Lehr Division. His POW Number was 514165.
RAD, Ort und Zeit unbekannt

RAD, Gruppenbild, Ort und Zeit unbekannt

Can anybody help me to find out something about his way? Does there exist any pics? Can anybody remember the name Albert HEILMANN? Would be so helpful for me and my family to know more about my Dads way.


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