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31st Infantry Division. "Dixie Div." was raised in 1940 from National Guard units of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana & Florida. The Shoulder patch of teh Dixie Division was a white disk with a red circle containing two red D's, back to back.

The 31st Infantry Division undertook amphibious training at Oro Bay, New Guinea, 24 April 1944, at a final preparation for combat. They first saw action at Aitape, New Guinea, on the 3rd of July 1944 in advanced positions as well as in the offensive launched on the 13th of July. In mid-August the Division prepared for the Morotai operation, leaving Aitape on the 11th of September 1944.

On the 15th of September 1944, the Dixie Division made an assault landing on Morotai, meeting only light opposition, they took Morotai, they also seized Mapia and then the Asia islands, which the Japanese had already evacuated.

On the 22nd of April 1945, the 31St Division landed on Mindanao for the liberation of the Philippines. Fighting in knee-deep mud with torrential rains, the 31st forced the enemy to withdraw into the interior and with the end of hostilities on 15 August 1945, the 31st accomplished the surrender of all Japanese forces remaining in Mindanao.
Units if the 31st Dixie Division:

  • 124th Infantry Regiment
  • 155th Infantry Regiment
  • 156th Infantry Regiment
  • 167th Infantry Regiment
  • 31st Infantry Div. Headquarters & Headquarters Battery
  • 116th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 117th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 149th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 114th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 31st Infantry Div. Headquarters & Headquarters Company
  • 31st Infantry Div. Headquarters Special Troops
  • 106th Engineer Combat Battalion
  • 31st Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop
  • 106th Medical Battalion
  • 31st Quartermaster Company
  • 31st Signal Company
  • 731st Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
  • 31st Counter-Intelligence Corps Detachment
  • 31st Infantry Div. Military Police Platoon

During the Second World War the 31st Dixie Division lost 340 men in action with a futher 74 dying of wounds. 1,392 men were wounded in action.

I am looking for pictures of the United States Army, 31st Dixie Division, Artillery. If anyone has any information, or picutres, you can email them to me at the above email address.. It would be greatly apperciated. Also,If anyone knew anything of Author Thomas Chapman who served with the dixie division during WWII, in said division, could you please write to me. Thank you very much.


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List of those who served with the 31st Infantry Division during World War Two.

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