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South African Army

  • 1st Infantry Division
  • 2nd Infantry Division
  • 3rd Infantry Division
  • 6th Armoured Division
  • 7th Division, Johannesburg
  • 8th Division
  • 9th Division
  • 44th Parachute Brigade
  • 45th Parachute Brigade
  • 71st Motorised Brigade
  • 72nd Motorised Brigade
  • 73rd Motorised Brigade
  • 81st Armoured Brigade
  • 82nd Mechanised Brigade
  • 84th Motorised Brigade
  • Cape Field Artillery
  • Cape Garrison Artillery
  • The Cape Town Highlanders
  • The Congella Regiment
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's Own Rifles
  • The Durban Regiment
  • The Imperial Light Horse
  • The Johannesburg Regiment
  • The Kaffrarian Rifles
  • The Kimberley Regiment
  • The Light Horse Regiment
  • The Middellandse Regiment
  • The Mounted Riflemen
  • The Natal Carbineers
  • Natal Field Artillery
  • Natal Mounted Rifles
  • Pathfinder Company
  • The Pretoria Regiment
  • The Pretoria Highlanders
  • The Royal Durban Light Infantry
  • Royal Natal Carbineers
  • Scotch Rifle Volunteer Corps
  • South African Ammunition Corps
  • South African Armoured Corps
  • South African Army Intelligence Corps
  • South African Army Service Corps
  • South African Army Women's Corps
  • South African Artillery Regiment
  • South African Caterers Corps
  • South African Civil Defence Corps
  • South African Corps of Bandsmen
  • South African Corps of Marines
  • South African Corps of Military Police
  • South African Corps of Signals
  • South African Engineer Corps
  • South African Finance Services Corps
  • South African Indian Corps
  • South African Infantry Corps
  • South African Instructional Corps
  • South African Irish Regiment
  • South African Medical Corps
  • South African Ordnance Corps
  • South African Personnel Corps
  • The South African Scottish
  • South African Special Service Corps
  • South African Staff Corps
  • South African Supporting Services Corps
  • South African Technical Corps
  • South African Veterinary Corps
  • Special Service Battalion
  • Technical Services Corps
  • Transvaal Horse Artillery
  • The Transvaal Scottish Regiment
  • Umvoti Mounted Rifles
  • The Witwatersrand Rifles

    If you have any units to add to this list, or any stories or photos of people who served in them, please get in touch.

  • If you have a story which you would like to share please get in touch. Add Your Story


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