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No. 610 (County of Chester) Squadron were part of Fighter Command, flying Spitfires. During the Second Wolrd War they shot down 132 enemy aircraft with another 46 probables and 53 damaged. They also destroyed 50 flying-bombs. The Squadron was disbanded in 1957

Airfields at which No. 610 Squadron were based:

  • Hooton Park. to 10th Oct 1939
  • Wittering 10th Oct 1939 to 4th April 1940
  • Prestwick 4th April 1940 to 10th May 1940
  • Biggin Hill. 10th May 1940 to 27th May 1940 & 8th July 1940 to 31 Aug 1940
  • Gravesend 27th May 1940 to 8th July 1940
  • Acklington. 31 Aug 1940 to 15 Dec 1940
  • Westhampnett. 15 Dec 1940 to 29th Aug 1941 & 20th Jan 1943 to 30th April 1943 & 27 Jun 1944 to 2 July 1944
  • Leconfield. 29th Aug 1941 to 14 Jan 1942
  • Hutton Cranswick 14 Jan 1942 to 4th April 1942
  • Ludham 4th April 1942 to 16th Aug 1942 & 21st Aug 1942 to 15th Oct 1942
  • West Malling 16th Aug 1942 to 21st Aug 1942 & 19th June 1944 to 27 Jun 1944
  • Castletown 15th Oct 1942 to 20th Jan 1943
  • Perranporth 30th April 1943 to 26th June 1943
  • Bolt Head 26th June 1943 to 19 Dec 1943 & 16th May 1944 to 24th May 1944
  • Fairwood Common 19 Dec 1943 to 4th Jan 1944 & 23rd April 1944 to 30th April 1944
  • Exeter 4th Jan 1944 to 7 April 1944
  • Culmhead 7 April 1944 to 23rd April 1944 & 30th April 1944 to 16th May 1944
  • Harrowbeer 24th May 1944 to 19th June 1944
  • Firston 2 July 1944 to 12 Sept 1944
  • Lympne. 12 Sept 1944 to 4 Dec 1944
  • Evere, B56. 4 Dec 1944 to 21st Feb 1945
  • Warmwell 21st Feb 1945 to ?
  • Eindhoven, B78. from ? to 3rd March 1945

Sgt Pilot Woodrow Raine of 610 Squadron flew Spitfires. I recently saw his name on our War Memorial in Hexham, Northumberland. Can anyone tell me where he was killed on the 21st August 1941. Would he have been on a fighter sweep over France?

UPDATE: The squadron were based at Westhampnett at that time.


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