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No: 41 Squadron RAF was formed in 1916 flew during the Great War and was disbanded on the last day of 1919. It was reformed on the 1st of April 1923 at Northolt.

During the Second World War, 41 Squadron were one of the few squadrons to fly Spitfires throughout the whole conflict. Having received their first spitfires in December 1941.

41 Squadron frequently moved base:

  • Catterick from 03/09/1939 to 19/10/1939
  • Wick from 19/10/1939 to 25/10/1939
  • Catterick from 25/10/1939 to 28/05/1940
  • Hornchurch from 28/05/1940 to 17/06/1940
  • from 17/06/1940 to 26/07/1940
  • Hornchurch from 26/07/1940 to 08/08/1940
  • Catterick from 08/08/1940 to 03/09/1940
  • Hornchurch from 03/09/1940 to 23/02/1941
  • Catterick from 23/02/1941 to 28/07/1941
  • Merston from 28/07/1941 to 16/12/1941
  • Westhampnett from 16/12/1941 to 01/04/1942
  • Merston from 01/04/1942 to 15/06/1942
  • Martlesham Heath from 15/06/1942 to 30/06/1942
  • Hawkinge from 30/06/1942 to 08/07/1942
  • Debden from 08/07/1942 to 01/08/1942
  • Longtown from 01/08/1942 to 11/08/1942
  • Llanbedr from 11/08/1942 to 17/08/1942
  • Tangmere from 17/08/1942 to 20/08/1942
  • Llanbedr from 20/08/1942 to 22/09/1942
  • Eglinton from 22/09/1942 to 30/09/1942
  • Llanbedr from 30/09/1942 to 05/10/1942
  • Tangmere from 05/10/1942 to 11/10/1942
  • Llanbedr from 11/10/1942 to 25/02/1943
  • High Ercall from 25/02/1943 to 12/04/1943
  • Hawkinge from 12/04/1943 to 21/05/1943
  • Biggin Hill from 21/05/1943 to 28/05/1943
  • Friston from 28/05/1943 to 21/06/1943
  • Westhampnett from 21/06/1943 to 04/10/1943
  • Tangmere from 04/10/1943 to 11/03/1944
  • Friston from 11/03/1944 to 29/04/1944
  • Bolt Head from 29/04/1944 to 16/05/1944
  • Fairwood Common from 16/05/1944 to 24/05/1944
  • Bolt Head from 24/05/1944 to 19/06/1944
  • West Malling from 19/06/1944 to 28/06/1944
  • Westhampnett from 28/06/1944 to 03/07/1944
  • Friston from 03/07/1944 to 11/07/1944
  • Lympne from 11/07/1944 to 07/03/1945
  • Warmwell from 07/03/1945 to 18/03/1945
  • 2TAF Europe from 18/03/1945
The Wartime Memories Project would like to hear from anyone who was a member of 41 Squadron during the war years. We would love to hear your recollections.

Please contact us:

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On Sunday 30th March 1941 a Junkers Ju 88A of 1(F) Aufklarungsgruppe 123 was shot down by Flight Lieutenant A.D.J. Lovell DFC in a Spitfire of No 41 Squadron, over Middlesbrough the aircraft dived into the ground at Barnaby Moor, Eston. The crew of the JU88 were all killed. Flying with him was P/O Archie Winskill.

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers this incident or anyone who knew Flt Lt Lovall or P/O Winskill.


If you have any Photographs you would like to share please get in touch.

List of those who served with 41 Squadron during WW2.

  • P/O D.A.Adams. pilot.
  • F.J.Aldridge. pilot.
  • J.W.Allison. pilot.
  • R.A.Angus. pilot.
  • H.C.Baker. pilot.
  • C.S.Bamburger. pilot.
  • F/O. Robert A. Barton
  • R.A.Beardsley. pilot.
  • P/O George Harman Bennions. pilot.
  • F/O.Howard P. Blatchford
  • Sergeant William Fred Bodkin. pilot. RCAF (d. 28 August 1941) Read his story
  • P/O J.G.Boyle. pilot. (d. 28th September 1940)
  • M.P.Brown. pilot.
  • Sgt. Robert A. Carr-Lewty pilot.
  • Sgt L.R.Carter. pilot.
  • H.H.Chalder. pilot.
  • P/O James J. H. Copley
  • P/O Guy W. Cory. pilot.
  • E.V. Darling. pilot.
  • G.G.F. Draper. pilot.
  • D.O. Finlay. pilot.
  • R.C. Ford. pilot.
  • F/O Douglas R. Gamblen. pilot. (d. 29th July 1940)
  • L.A. Garvey. pilot.
  • Sgt. Gillies
  • Sgt. Albert Harris
  • T.W.R.Healy. pilot.
  • Adjutant P/O. John E. Hibbert
  • Squadron Leader Hilary Richard Lionel 'Robin' Hood DFC. pilot. (d. 5 September 1940)Read his story
  • Sgt. Isaac E. Howitt. pilot.
  • Sqdn. Ldr. Geoffrey A. G. Johnston
  • P/O G.A.Langley. pilot. (d. 15th September 1940)
  • J.G.Lecky. pilot.
  • Sqd Ldr R.C.F.Lister. pilot.
  • P.D.LLoyd. pilot.
  • D.P.Lloyd. pilot.
  • P/O Eric Stanley 'Sawn Off' Lock. pilot. (d. 3rd August 1941) Read his story
  • Flt Lt. Anthony Desmond Joseph Lovell. DFC & Bar, DSO & Bar.Read his story
  • P/O John N. Mackenzie. pilot.
  • Sgt J.McAdam. pilot.
  • D.E.Mileham. pilot.
  • P/O Oliver B. Morrough-Ryan
  • O.B.Morrough-Ryan. pilot.
  • F/O D.H.O'Niell. pilot. (d. 11th October 1940)
  • P/O Horace E. H. Overall.
  • P/O Bernard G. Piddocke
  • P/O Robertson
  • F/Lt Norman Ryder. pilot.
  • J.E.Sayers. pilot.
  • F/O William John Moir Scott (d. 8th Sep 1940)
  • Flt. Sgt. Edward A. Shipman. pilot.
  • F/O.John G. Theilmann
  • Sgt Frank Usmar. pilot.
  • J.R.Walker. pilot.
  • P/O Ronald.W.Wallens. pilot.
  • F/Lt John Terence Webster. pilot. (d. 5th of September 1940)
  • P/O Archie Winskill. pilot. Read his story
  • P/O John R. C. Young

If you have any names to add to this list, or any recollections or photos of those listed, please get in touch.

If you have a story which you would like to share, or a website dedicated to a soldier or regiment please get in touch. Add Your Story


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