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New Zealand Army

  • 1st Armoured Regiment (Waikato)
  • 2nd Armoured Regiment
  • 2nd Divisional Cavalry Regiment
  • 2nd Queen Alexandra's (Wellington West Coast) Mounted Rifles
  • 3rd Armoured Regiment
  • 3rd New Zealand Division Tank Squadron
  • 18th Armoured Regiment, 2nd NZEF
  • 18th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 19th Armoured Regiment, 2nd NZEF
  • 19th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 20th Armoured Regiment, 2nd NZEF
  • 20th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 21st Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 22nd (Wellington) Infantry Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 23rd Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 24th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 25th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 26th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 27th (MG) Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 28th (Maori) Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 29th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 30th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 31st Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 32nd Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 33rd Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 34th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 35th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 36th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • 37th Battalion, 2nd NZEF
  • The Auckland (East Coast) Mounted Rifles
  • The Auckland Regiment (Countess of Ranfurly's Own)
  • The Canterbury Regiment
  • The Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry
  • Corps of Officer Cadets
  • Corps of Royal New Zealand Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • The Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers
  • Forest Rangers
  • The Hauraki Regiment
  • The Hawkes's Bay Regiment
  • Home Guard
  • Long Range Desert Group
  • The Manawatu Mounted Rifles
  • The Maori Battalion
  • The Nelson, Marlborough, and West Coast Regiment
  • The Nelson-Marlborough Mounted Rifles
  • New Zealand Army Legal Service
  • New Zealand Army Pay Corps
  • New Zealand Artillery
  • New Zealand Divisional Cavalry Regiment
  • New Zealand Garrison Artillery
  • New Zealand Railway Corps Engineers
  • The New Zealand Scottish
  • New Zealand Staff Corps
  • New Zealand Veterinary Corps
  • New Zealand Women's Royal Army Corps
  • The North Auckland Mounted Rifles
  • The North Auckland Regiment
  • The Otago Mounted Rifles
  • The Otago Regiment
  • Queen Alexandra's Regiment
  • Queen Alexandra's (Wellington West Coast) Mounted Rifles
  • Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps
  • Royal New Zealand Army Educational Corps
  • Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment
  • Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps
  • Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps
  • Royal New Zealand Army Service Corps
  • Royal New Zealand Artillery
  • Royal New Zealand Chaplains Department
  • Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals
  • Royal New Zealand Dental Corps
  • Royal New Zealand Fencibles
  • Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps
  • Royal New Zealand Provost Corps
  • Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery
  • The Ruahine Regiment
  • The Southland Regiment
  • The Taranaki Regiment
  • The Waikato Mounted Rifles
  • The Wellington East Coast Mounted Rifles
  • The Wellington Regiment (City of Wellington's Own)
  • The Wellington West Coast Regiment
  • Women's Land Service
  • Women's War Service Auxiliary

If you have any units to add to this list, or any stories or photos of people who served in them, please get in touch.


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