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RAF Lindholme officially opened under the name of Hatfield Woodhouse but on 18th August 1940 the airfield was changed to RAF Lindholme in order to avoid confusion with Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

Lindholme became No. 71 (Training) Base HQ 03/11/44, and in September 1943 became No. 11 (Training) Base HQ. Home to 1656 Heavy Conversion Unit.

Lindholme Dinghy was devised, at RAF Lindholme. This was even more successful than previous devices, and consisted of a well-equipped dinghy to which survivors could transfer and four containers stocked with food, warm clothing and distress signals. The Lindholme device was so good that many years later it was still being carried by Hercules, Shackleton and Nimrod aircraft.

The Airfield closed in the late 1970's and is now currently in use as HM Prison

Squadrons stationed at RAF Lindholme.


Radar Housing

Officers Quarters at RAF Lindholme

Officers Quarters at RAF Lindholme

Bomb Dump

Bomb Dump

Bomb Dump

Peter Scott

If you have any Photographs you would like to share please get in touch.

List of those who served here.

  • Sgt B. A. Bell. Engineer (d. 1st Apr 1944)
  • F/O J. Birkett. Bomb Aimer (d. 1st Apr 1944)
  • F/S P. Birchell. Navigator (d. 1st Apr 1944)
  • Sgt Douglass O Cole W Opp/Air Gun 50 Sqd (d. 6 Nov 1940) Read his story
  • Sgt K Emm. 50 Sqd (d. 6 Nov 1940) Read his story
  • Sgt C. Farthing. Engineer (d. 1st Apr 1944)
  • Jan Goulevitch. Read his story
  • Sgt Kenyon S Gowland. Pilot 50 Sqd (d. 6 Nov 1940) Read his story
  • Sgt J. G. Hinder Air Gunner (d. 1st Apr 1944)
  • F/O R.E.P. Ross. Pilot. (d. 1st Apr 1944)
  • Sgt H. W. Simpson W/Op Gunner (d. 1st Apr 1944)
  • Sgt H. Smith. Air Gunner (d. 1st Apr 1944)
  • P/O Colin J R Walker. Pilot 50 Sqd (d. 6 Nov 1940) Read his story

If you have any names to add to this list, or any recollections or photos of those listed, please get in touch.

List of Aircraft which flew from Lindholme.

  • Halifax JP190 - Lost 1st Apr 1944, Scottish Borders. All crew were killed. F/O R.E.P. Ross. Pilot, F/O J. Birkett. Bomb Aimer,F/S P. Birchell. Navigator, Sgt C. Farthing Engineer, Sgt H. W. Simpson W/Op Gunner,Sgt B. A. Bell. Engineer, Sgt H. Smith. Air Gunner, Sgt J. G. Hinder Air Gunner.

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