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World War 2 Two II WW2 WWII


USAAF Leiston, Station 373 was home to 357th Fighter Group. The airfield is situated in Suffolk near Leiston, close to the village of Theberton.

Today the site is privately owned and used for agriculture and a caravan site. A few of the buildings remain in poor condition as do parts of the runways and perimeter tracks. The Lion Inn, Theberton a pub well know to the flyers is still open for business.

Squadrons stationed at Leiston

  • 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • 363rd Fighter Sqd from January 1944 to April 1945
  • 364th Fighter Sqd
  • 365th Fighter Sqd


If you have any Photographs you would like to share please get in touch.

List of those who served.

  • Lt Fletcher E Adams 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Col. Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson Read his story
  • Harry Anderson. crew
  • Lt Richard A Anderson 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt George P Barrett 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Gene Barsalou. crew
  • Myron Becraft. pilot.
  • Lt Corlys A Bedford 365th Fighter Sqn
  • Roger Bender. crew chief.
  • Lt Alfred Bierweiller 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Joe Black. pilot 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt James L Blanchard 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Captain Don Bochkay. 363rd Fighter Sqd Read his story
  • S.Sgt Louis Boudreau. Ground Crew
  • Joe Broadhead
  • Lt Kirby M Brown 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Robert D. Brown, 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Capt James W Browning 362nd Fighter Sqd Read his story
  • Lt Marion E Burnett 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Pat Buzzeo. crew chief. 357th Fighter Group.
  • Lt Charles O Campbell 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt. Joe Cannon
  • Lt Darwin J Carrol 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Major Leonard K. "Kit" Carson, 362nd FS
  • Lt Harold D Chandler 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt John K Childs 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • S/Sgt Clark. crew chief
  • Lt James E Colburn 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Frank J Connaghan 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Warren B Corwin 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Walter E Corby 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Mathew Crawford 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Capt Glendon Davis. 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Herman H Delarger 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Capt John H Denasha 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Joe DeShay. hangar chief
  • Lt Warren J Doranski 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Col. Irwin Dregne.
  • L.Col Hurbert I Egenes Dep Grp Cmdr
  • Lt Ralph E Eisert 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Captain John England. pilot. 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt. Col Andrew Evans
  • Capt Ellis A Rogers 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Robert J Fandray 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Donald J Ferron 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • 1st Lt. Louis Fecher
  • Capt Robert S Fifield 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Daniel L Finley 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt. Ed Fry
  • Major Robert Foy, 363rd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Sam C Fuller 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Morris E Gallant 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt William W Gambill 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Maj Lawrence P Giarrizio 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Jacob F Giel 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt William T Gilbert 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Kenneth F Graeff 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Santiago R Gutierrez 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Ken Hagan
  • "Little Red" Harris. 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Major Tommy Hayes. pilot
  • Lt Wendell D Helwig 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Harry Hermanson
  • Lt Roger A Hilsted 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Maj Edwin W Hiro 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Robert R Hoffman 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Paul E Holmberg 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Capt Lloyd M Hubbard 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Joseph M Jenkins 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Otto D Jenkins 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Holsey C Johnson Jnr 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Don Kocher
  • Lt Frank Koka 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Robert Krull. crew
  • Lt James W Leek 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Capt Arthur M Lingo 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Jim Loersch. crew chief.
  • Harvey Mace
  • Lt Patrick J Mallione 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Frederick C McCall 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt William R McGinley 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt William H Mooney 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • George Morris
  • Capt Alva C Murphy 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Louis E Nowlin 364th Fighter Sqd
  • 1st Lt. Gilbert O'Brien
  • Captain William R. "OBee" O'Brien. 363rd Fighter Sqd. Read his story
  • Lt Mark A Osbourne 365th Fighter Sqn
  • Lt. Bill Overstreet. 363rd Fighter Sqn Read his story
  • Capt. Hershel Pascoe
  • Capt Davis T Perron 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Walter N Perry Jnr 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Capt. Richard "Bud" T Peterson.
  • Hank Pfeiffer. pilot.
  • Lt Joseph F Pierce 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Dean Post 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Lance W Pousette 365th Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Alvin F Pyeatt 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt William C Reece 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt. Arval J. Roberson. 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • John Roche. armourer. 364th Fighter Squadron.
  • Lt Horace M Roycroft 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Lt Leroy A Ruder 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Elmer D Rydberg 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • John Salsman
  • Lt Robert L Schlieker 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • S.Sgt Melvin Schuneman Crew Chief
  • Joe Shea. pilot 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Edward K Simpson Jnr 363rd Fighter Sqn Read his story
  • Lt Donovan D Siverts 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • 2nd Lt. Alden Smith. pilot
  • Lt Irvine A Smith 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Capt Richard C Smith 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Manuel K Soo 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Dick Spicer. crew chief.
  • Mark Stepelton. pilot.
  • Major John A. Storch, 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt James E Strode 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt. John Sublett. pilot 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Edwin R Sutton 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Richard W Taylor 363rd Fighter Sqd (d. 23rd Feb 1945)
  • Lt William B Thompson 363rd Fighter Sqn
  • Gerald Tyler
  • Lt James A Valkwitch 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lt Konstantin J Vogel 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Bob Wallen. pilot.
  • Capt Jack Warren 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Capt. Charles E. Weaver. pilot. 362nd Fighter Sqd
  • Lowell Williams
  • Lt Robert Wiser 364th Fighter Sqd
  • Flight Officer Chuck Yeager
  • Maj Donald A Younglas 365th Fighter Sqn

If you have any names to add to this list, or any recollections or photos of those listed, please get in touch.

If you have a story which you would like to share, or a website dedicated to an airfield or aircrew, please get in touch.

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