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RAF Leconfield was situated between Beverley and Great Driffield in Yorkshire. The first occupants were 166 Squadron who arrived in January 1937. The station was under 3 group until June 1938 then transferred to 4 Group. In September 1939 Leconfield was taken over by Fighter Command's No. 13 Group, to provide defensive cover for the Humber area.

In 1941 the site was closed to flying whilst teh runways were redeveloped, the accompdation becoming a school for No. 15 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit. The site was also used to accompdate personnel assembling to become the new Canadian No. 6 Group. Leconfield was handed back to Bomber Command at the end of 1941, after concrete runways had been laid.

Today the airfield is used as an army base with the RAF maintaing a small presence in the form of an airsea rescue unit.

Squadrons based at Leconfield during the Second World War:

  • No. 51 Squadron
  • 166 Squadron
  • No: 196 Squadron
  • No: 466 Squadron
  • 610 Squadron 29th Aug 1941 to 14 Jan 1942
  • No. 640 Squadron

The Wartime Memories Project would like to hear from anyone who was stationed at Leconfield during the war years, or anyone who lived nearby. We would love to hear your recollections of life on the base and the surrounding area.

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If you have any Photographs you would like to share please get in touch.

List of those who served here.

  • F/O Hugh A Y Barkley. Pilot 640 sqd RAF (d. 15 Feb 1944) Read his story
  • Henri Marie de Bij. dutch 640 B Sqd (d. 14/02/1945 )
  • Sgt Derek M A Brown. Mid Upper Gunner 640 sqd RAFVR (d. 15 Feb 1944) Read his story
  • Sgt Alfred Elkington. Flight Eng 640 sqd RAFVR (d. 15 Feb 1944) Read his story
  • Cornelis Jacobus Maria Goemans dutch 640 B Sqd (d. 04/11/1944 )
  • P/O Charles R K Fry. 610 sqd RAF.(d. 4 Oct 1941)
  • P/O Paul Marie Constant Hellegers dutch 640 B Sqd (d. 11/08/1944 )
  • Warrant Officer Fred Humphrey. 640 Halifax Squadron. Read his story
  • Sgt William N Jackson. Nav.640 sqd RAFVR (d. 15 Feb 1944) Read his story
  • Sgt Thomas Graham Leitch. Rear Gunner 640 sqd RAFVR (d. 15 Feb 1944) Read his story
  • F/Sgt James H Smart. W Opp. 640 sqd RAFVR (d. 15 Feb 1944) Read his story
  • F/O Alexander Lindsay Sommerville. Bomb Aimer. 640 sqd RCAF (d. 15 Feb 1944) Read his story

If you have any names to add to this list, or any recollections or photos of those listed, please get in touch.

If you have a story which you would like to share, or a website dedicated to an airfield or aircrew, please get in touch.

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